Our Approach

Starwood European Real Estate Finance occupies a unique position in the real estate finance market by employing its expertise, and highly diversified and scalable investment platform across all facets of real estate finance to seek to generate consistent, attractive returns for shareholders.

Deep, hands-on real estate perspective

With 25 years of Real Estate investment experience, Starwood possess a granular understanding of real estate credit risk, and can evaluate each transaction from both a lender’s and equity investor’s perspective. Their broad lending mandate provides the company with the flexibility to select the position in the capital structure, jurisdictions and asset classes to take advantage of changing dynamics at different points in the real estate cycle.

Opportunistic pan-European reach

Starwood European Real Estate Finance benefits from a leading sourcing engine that comes from Starwood Capital’s position as one of the largest institutional real estate investors in the world. As a result, they are able to participate in Europe-wide investment opportunities across all real estate asset classes and selectively pursue only those that offer compelling risk-reward propositions. Starwood Capital has been one of the most prolific investors in distressed debt since the Global Financial Crisis, while acquiring cash-flowing office, residential, retail, industrial and hotel assets at discounts to replacement cost.

One-stop solution for complex transactions

An experienced team of loan origination and syndication professionals, who have established strong firm relationships with leading banks and have the ability to disintermediate traditional senior mortgage and mezzanine lenders by providing one-stop, combined financing in a single seamless process for borrowers. Starwood European Real Estate Finance focuses on large, customized financing solutions, which is what sets them apart from the competition.

An information advantage

The expertise developed through Starwood Capital’s symbiotic business lines enhances Starwood European Real Estate’s judgment throughout the underwriting process. These investment platforms provide the company with critical, bottom-up intelligence that helps set the agenda for future transactions.